It doesn’t matteIMG_5376r WHO you pray to. The name of the force – God, Allah, Spirit, Yahweh, The Great Cosmic Muffin – is not important. It just matters that you acknowledge something outside of yourself.

It doesn’t matter WHAT WORDS you say, which psalm or verse, or which language you use. There are no perfect words. It’s about finding some words from your heart.

It doesn’t matter whether you think of it as a “prayer” – or just a conversation with the universe, a chat with a friend. You don’t have to bow your head or clasp your hands just so or kneel or bend or raise your arms to heaven. You can sit or stand or walk or lay down. You can swim or run or dance or sing or be very, very still.

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can be at home, in a church, in a forest, on a beach, in a hot tub with a glass of wine. Spirit is everywhere, so wherever you are is fine.

It doesn’t have a dress code. There are no required tools, props, or costumes. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with them if they help you get in the mood of the show, but don’t mistake the props for the real thing.

It doesn’t need a specific location, time, or day of the week. The opportunity is open to you 24/7, come as you are, no admission fee.

You just have to stop, notice the grace, and feel it. “Oh, yes, now I see the grace that is there.”

Feel that sense of fullness and connection to something greater. And when you notice it and feel it, you can’t help but have gratitude.

Becau2014-01-07 10.00.02se you have a life.
You have a ticket to the Greatest Show on Earth.
You are a piece of the puzzle, a player in the band, a marcher in the parade.

The more you notice the amazing things happening around you, the more you will smile.

Perhaps you think the universe is saying No to you. You just haven’t yet seen the Yes. It’s all Yes when you zoom out far enough, when you have a wide enough and long enough perspective. But it’s not always easy to see the big Yes when you’re standing in this little spot.

When a friend offers you a gift, the worst insult would be for you to not unwrap it, to ignore it. Yet we ignore the gifts of the universe all the time.  I imagine a petulant child, standing at the foot of a Christmas tree surrounded by hundreds of gifts. She is holding a list and she is saying, “But you forgot #72, #33, and #126. And #37 is the wrong color. And #59 is the wrong size.”  Like that child, we go through our lives thinking Spirit got it wrong again.

If you are focused on your List Of What’s Missing, you will miss seeing what IS there for you in your unique and amazing existence.

You have a life. Wow!IMG_4504
You have a courtside seat for the Big Game.

You have a horse in this race, a seat on the bus, your name in the program.

You are right here and right now, able to witness the Power and the Glory.

Your life is like no other.  Isn’t that wonderful?!

Thanks be to God, Allah, Yahweh, Shiva, Buddha, Baba, Yemaya, The Force, Tao, Ancestors, Guardian Angels, Spirit, and the Great Cosmic Muffin!

Let us pray.
Let us PLAY.

And as a wise man often said, “Enjoy the Grace!”

~ Lytingale  (Nov 20,2015)

(PS: Photographs taken by me.  Amazing views provided by Spirit.)


About lytingale

Musician (singer, piano, flute, etc), Songwriter/Composer/Arranger, Voice Teacher, Accompanist, Wedding Officiant, Writer.
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